Our portfolio consists of 10 companies, 8 of which were already published:

Leading Members - Orna Berry and Richard Schwartz

Investing Members - Zeevi Bregman, Itsik Danziger, Carmel Vernia and Yechiam Yemini

Jinni develops innovative content search and discovery systems with personalization, which make it faster, easier and enjoyable for consumers to discover Movies, TV shows, and professionally produced videos that they'll really enjoy. Jinni's breakthrough approach to content tagging ensures a unique experience and superior results. Jinni operates an Internet service with affiliation program for Internet-TV operators as well as licenses its solution to global TV operators. Jinni's vision is to turn its natural metaphors' tagging system as the standard "language" of the entertainment market, replacing the exiting, somewhat antiquated and narrow “genre language”.


Leading Member - Ehud ILONI

Expert Dynamics revolutionizes the design & manufacturing process of the electronics industry, by introducing an early detection software for design flaws.

Expert Dynamics was sold to Mentor Graphics.


Leading Member - Zvi Slonimsky

Investing Members - Zvi Slonimsky, Reuven Agassi, Dan Barnea, Ricky JaffeCarmel Vernia, Dan Vilenski, Mauro Wjuniski and Yechiam Yemini

Maradin Technologies enables sharing of video, photos, presentations and other documents by small teams, by "light travelers" business people and by youth, by providing technology for a tiny, low power and high quality personal display projection system that expands portable devices' small screen.



Leading Member  - Shlomo Wolfman

Investing Member - Efi Cohen-Arazi

inter8ing is a web marketing platform based on a social application - a monthly “American Idol” type personal sites contest, which offers recognition, accurate rating, extra traffic and cash prizes to leading social content creators.


Leading Member - Uri Shinar and Zeevi Bregman

Rounds is a live social video meeting platform, targeted for different niches and sites where users can meet, play, chat and date in a real fun and safe environment.


Leading Members - Menashe Rothschild and Nati Perry

Investing Members - Menashe Rothschild, Nati Perry, Reuven Agassi, and Mauro Wjuniski 

Giraffic is the world's first content delivery network enabling broadcasters and other content providers to deliver and monetize any content, without boundaries of geography or popularity. Giraffic supports high quality and low cost delivery of long-tail or popular content alike, and is agnostic to the geographical location of the end-user Vs the content's origin.

Giraffic believes that any content ever produced should be available online, at high quality, for instant viewing or download, securely, and at a marginal cost for the content provider.


Leading Member - Nati Perry

United Parents protect teens from the constant risk of predators and cyber-bulling, still allowing them to utilize the Internet to its maximum; Enable content providers gain higher revenues from maintaining more subscribers in their web sites; The core technology can be used in other applications.


Leading Members - Edwin Slonim and Yossi Gal

CrossReader is a content discovery service that enhances the information consumption on tablets, mobile and Internet browsers.

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