Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your Members?

Our Members are dozens of successful Israeli industry and technology leaders across a broad spectrum of disciplines. Their participation in Startup Factory maximizes the synergy of ideas, know-how and funds, which is what we aim for. They constitute a critical mass of expertise and abilities networked to achieve high quality, personal business support.
Most of our Members reside in Israel, while others reside in the US or other locations.
Startup Factory’s Members are current and former founders or leaders of companies such as Comverse, Nice, Verint, Elscint, M-Systems, SAP, Saifun, Alvarion, Applied Materials, BMC and more.

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What is your non-financial value?

Our unique eco-system offers a wide platform, designed to support promising entrepreneurs from early stage to success:
• Personal, hands-on involvement of one or more of our top-tier experts, joining and assisting in strategic and operational issues.
• Immediate access to our list of Members.
• Strong positioning for ongoing growth and for subsequent investment rounds.
• Quick evaluation of ideas and funding requests.
• High quality services offered by our Business Partners.

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What is your investment model?

As a principle in our model, one of our Members will join the group of founders, and provide personal, hands-on involvement and assistance in strategic and operational issues.

Additionally, we provide our portfolio companies access to and support of all our other Members, who form our network of experts and senior executives.

We also provide a financial investment, in a sufficient amount to enable the new company to reach successful further financing rounds.

For this financial and non-financial assistance we receive part of the founders' shares in the new company.

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How do you differ from an angel club?

We provide each supported venture with high, non-financial added value. One of our senior Members will join each of our portfolio companies in an active role, and the strong potential of our Members' entire network is available for additional support.
While each individual Member may make additional investments in a portfolio company, the Startup Factory fund investment decision is made by the fund's investment committee and not by each member separately.

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How do you differ from a VC?

Most VC's manage large amounts of money and are not focused on seed and pre-seed investments, which is our sweet spot. Our Members provide our companies with hands-on leadership, time, experience, expertise and personal reputation.

No VC can offer the level of knowledge and experience we offer, as our portfolio companies are backed by the dozens of top tier Members in our network, all of whom have track record of proven success.

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How do you differ from an incubator?


Our prime target is to promote early stage ventures in Israel. However, our portfolio companies are free to make management decisions, open offices at locations of their choice, make any investment decisions such as taking a government grant and discuss with any Member of our network their potential involvement with the company.

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